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I understand that under the terms of this agreement, The school obligates itself to furnish me the competent instruction and suitable facilities for teaching lessons.  All class sessions are supervised by qualified personnel, trained in the procedures and traditions of the Martial Arts.  Official Belts recognition and certification will be issued to me upon the completion of the examination.  The regular hourly tuition is $60 per hour but that a substantial discount has been provided me by virtue of enrolling on a regular course.

Student hereby represents that he/she is physically fit to take the prescribed course of instruction and that he/she has had an opportunity to observe and participate in the above described art of self defense prior to the signing of this agreement.

Student recognizes that regular class attendance is important for the student progress and understands that it is the student's responsibility to attend the classes.  It is further understood that the student is obligated to make payments whether or not the students attends class.  I further understand that failure to complete the lessons does not relieve me of the obligation to pay the tuition in full.

Students understands further  that strict observation of the rules and regulations relative to training include the use of protective equipment required by the institute.  This equipment will largely eliminate the possibility of accident or injury; however, the institute does not warrant the protective equipment.

Student and parents understand that during the course of instruction, employees of America's Best Karate and/or other students or authorized persons will be engaged in a course of conduct requiring physical contact, and he/she gives full consent to such contact as is required by the training.

I understand and agree that America's Best Karate will not be held liable for the  injuries, damages, etc.,not caused by or resulting form the  negligence of the owners, operators, or persons in charge in such establishment, or their agents, servants or employees.

I acknowledge receiving a copy of this agreement.

Being a student of America's Best Karate I will faithfully comply with all the rules of the school and the traditions of the Martial Arts.  Failure to take the lessons in the allocated time, without written request or approval, invalidates the lessons beyond the expiration date.  I further understand that failure to complete the lessons beyond the expiration date does not relieve me of my obligation to pay the tuition in full.  Lessons are not conducted on national holidays.

Your may cancel this contract without any penalty or further  obligation within three (3)days from the date of this agreement.  Notice of cancellation must be in writing, and delivered either in person or by certified or registered mail to the school.

If you become disabled for at least six months during the membership terms and that disability is confirmed in writing by a physician, you have the right to an extension of this contract.

If you move your residence more than 25 miles from the school, cancellation under this section requires written proof of new permanent address, phone number, name and address of new employer and requires a 60 advance written notice.  A residence investigation will then be conducted.

I agree to these Terms and Conditions

Total Price to be Charged to Card: $29.00

Please Note: By submitting this request you agree to pay the fee associated and you agree not to dispute these charges.