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    Agreement Form Updates

    - Performance enhancements and layout updates for iPad and Android devices.
    - Expanded support for Month to Month agreements.
    - In some cases, the Draft agreement modal would close unexpectedly. This is now resolved.
    - Email and SMS Opt-In updates for agreements, changes, upgrades and renewals
    - UI Updates for Secondary Credit card fields
    - UI Updates for Agreement Form – Tab order
    - Agreement form Required Fields UI Update – for Agreements Sent to AMS
    - Agreement form Credit Card Fields mobile responsive updates
    - Expanded support for Block Billing – Multiple Students on 1 Agreement now use a block class pool
    - Update to the Birthdate Format/Data Mask
    - Return Fee and Late Fee requires a minimum of $20 for Send to AMS agreements

    Check In

    - UI Updates –  Responsive Issue on Longer Names
    - In some cases the Check-in screen would show Null for block billing classes remaining – this is now resolved
    - In styles with Long names, Check In Button Touch/Click Target could be difficult toclick – this is now resolved.
    - Updated search logic for Check-In – Student will now be able to find their name easier. The New Search will Find ONLY the exact characters typed in, in the same order AND starting with the Same character.
    - In some cases, some Check In Photos were inaccurate. This is now resolved.

    Student List and Profile

    - Some names were causing errors that would prevent being able to click the name in the student list. While this was rare, it is now resolved.
    - In some instances, a students  Profile Timeline would not display some classes the student attended. This is now resolved.
    - If a note contained certain characters, the note modal could not be easily closed. This is now resolved.
    - In some cases, some attendance records couldn’t be edited in the Student Timeline. This is now resolved.
    - The Student Population Map has been updated.

    Pro Shop

    - Proshop credit card swiper was having errors on some PC’s. This has been resolved.
    - Some Proshop Items could cause errors if the vendor was deleted. This has been resolved.
    - Updated Proshop payment system for Clients who process proshop payments

    Other Updates and Enhancements

    - Testing List – Some selects would make it look like the system would promote other students. this display issue has been resolved.
    - Phone Sheet – Updated validation on EMail and State
    - Calendar Widget missing appointment Error – this has been resolved.
    - Some AMS Billing  “eRequests subject lines were being truncated – This has been resolved.
    - Various Web Form JQuery updates for Lead Generation Webforms

    MANY of these Feature Enhancements are a DIRECT result of feedback from YOU….our TOTALLY AWESOME users!!

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